Everyone has a tip or trick for better work-life balance, but for most lawyers it is just a dream. Technology has increased our efficiency and given us the ability to work wherever and whenever we want, all of which should have ushered in a golden era in work-life balance. Yet we are working longer and harder than ever before, because no amount of tips and tricks will address the roots of our suffering: Mindless Lawyers.

The Mindless Lawyer has not thought about what they want out of life past what they “should do.” Mindless Lawyers don’t plan for a fulfilling life and legal practice, because they act habitually and reactively to other people’s expectations and priorities. Mindless Lawyers are driven by their desire for more money and prestige, and to serve their clients, but rarely stop to think about what would make them happy.

While Silicone Valley and Fortune 500 companies are starting to harness technology to provide their employees with more flexibility and autonomy, the legal profession has been slow to change. That is because most lawyers are driven to over-work and poor work-life balance by their own unconscious desires and impulses. “Good lawyers” do whatever it takes to get the job done. This “no boundaries” mentality starts in law school, if not sooner, and drives us to work the hardest, be the best, and win that golden prize. As law students we compete for class rankings and jobs, then as lawyers we compete for promotions and cases. We sacrifice a lot because that is what “good lawyers” do, and it is killing us.

Wake up to the life you want and deserve by becoming mindful of your thoughts, motivations, and desires. Stop acting habitually, and start living deliberately. This blog is dedicated to helping Mindless Lawyers attain more fulfilling lives and careers.